The inspiration of MEDITERRANI project was its location. The Mediterranean Sea means light that is dyed by the powerful shades of its coastal flora, it is warm and it is life.

MEDITERRANI is an integral interior design Project in which it was essential to create a comfortable day area environment, a master suite that would allow you to enjoy the relaxing views of the house, a guest room with its own bathroom and a walk-in closet connected to the master bedroom suite that offered the possibility of becoming a third room if needs required.

The result is a house divided into three fragments: on the first line day area, on second level main private area, and in third plane secondary rooms. A fragmentation that’s subtle throught the use of panels of wood, custom made furniture and materials such as glass.

The materials and color range chosen for the project are a proposal with which it is intended to transmit inside the house the sensations of Mediterranean nature.

Photo: Sergio López